38000vpm Electric Toothbrushes


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Electric Toothbrushes, 38000vpm, Traveling Case Enable, 6 Heads Package, 5 Modes 15 Experiences, IP67 Waterproof


* Premium bearing, 38000 strokes/min, low noise, presenting a superior and comfortable oral care experience.

* Tested and offer greater using experience compared with over 98% on-sale products.

* 5 intelligent memory modes of clean, polish, white, sensitive & massage, offer a premium cleaning care.

* No-moldy, superior waterproof performance, can be directly washing under the tap.

* DuPont brush heads, UV Ultraviolet sterilizer manufacturing, safety, sanitation and vacuum packing.


Electric Toothbrush Specification Detail:

-Clean / Polish / White / Sensitive / Massager(5 intelligent modes)


-1.7W(power), USB wireless charging


-Tact switch and LED light display


-120 minutes lifetime (2 hours per charge)


-16-20hrs charging time, 700mAh li-ion battery


-IPX7 waterproof performance.


What’s In The Box (Packing Including):


-1*Electric Toothbrush Main Body


-1*Sonic Toothbrush Charger


-1*Electric Toothbrush USB Line


-1*Sonic Toothbrush User Menu


-1*Electric Toothbrush Travel Box


-1*Sonic Toothbrush Color Packing Box


-6*Electric Toothbrush Brush Heads


Electric Toothbrush’s Modes:


-Clean: 38000 Times / Min


-Polish: 31000 Times / Min


-White: 28000-38000 Times / Min


-Sensitive: 28000-38000 Times / Min


-Massage: 28000-38000 Times / Min


-Vibration Modes: Low / Mid / High


Electric Toothbrush Buyers’ Shows

Q: Anything I should know as a new electric toothbrush user?

A: If you were a new electric toothbrush user, you will need 2-3 days to get use to it. For the first time, you will feel that your teeth are a little itchy and that’s normal, everything will be getting perfect 2-3 days later, and you should try to get started with low power mode while brushing in the first weeks, that will help me to get used to it more easily…

FAQ-Save On Superior Sonic Toothbrush!

-This premium sonic electric toothbrush is designed with topmost bearing, 38000 strokes/min, low noise, 110-240V wireless charging, clean, white, polish and gum care memory modes, IPX7 waterproof performance, and FDA certified DuPont brush head.

Q: Once fully charged how long before the battery needs recharging?

A: Our sonic electric toothbrush is available with a authority 700Am safety battery, and with a 2 brushing per day, one full charge can last over 35 days normally…

Q: What modes do this electric toothbrush include?

A: Our premium electric sonic toothbrush includes Clean, Polish, White, Sensitive, & Massage modes, each modes had low, normal & strong vibrations for options, so this electric toothbrush & sonic toothbrush will present you 5 modes 15 brushing experiences…

Q: Can you please explain the smart timer and does the brush automatically shut off at the end of brushing?

A: The electric toothbrush will automatically shut off 2 minutes later, smart timer is the sonic toothbrushes will be brief pause every 30 seconds to remind you to change the cleaning area, which can help you to clean your teeth in a balanced manner to achieve a scientific cleaning effect.

Q: Where can I purchase or get the replacement heads?

A: Our package had been including 6PCS of the heads for replacement already, also, you will find the listing heads for the replacement in this listing as well…

Q: how many hours does this sonic toothbrush take to fully charge after the battery is depleted?

A: the sonic toothbrush will needs 2-4 hours to fully charge after the battery is depleted, and a full charge can last / stand for around 4 weeks…so it will be perfect for traveling or household applications….


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